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AJL Gypsy Guitar - Modell X0 - 503 - sold!!!!!

Artikelnummer: gypsyguitar_ajl_001

This model is sold! The next one comes in March 2011!

Endlich eingetroffen. Eine fantastische Django Gitarre des Finnen Ari-Jukka Luomaranta mit dem authentischen Ton!


laminated old stock rosewood back and sides

Heat-treated european spruce top


Original headstock gluejoint

Distressed relic finish

"Thermotimber" is a heat treatment procedure for wood, usually used for construction and carpentry woods. Tampere University of Technology, Luthiery department of Ikaalinen School of Arts and Crafts and a company named "Suomen Ekopuu" has developed a special heat treatment procedure which is suitable for tonewoods. The normal "Thermotimber" procedure has some unwanted side effects for tonewood (decreasing elasticity, decreasing bending strength & colour changes). Certain special modifications to the procedure give many great advantages including increasing the speed of sound and a lighter weight, these can be reached without those unwanted effects.

On X-O, the relic finish is done with a water based stain straight to wood, natural shellac and very slight amount of nitrocellulose to neck, back and sides. No sealers or fillers are used. Compared to a normal finish, vibrating mass is reduced, and the guitar is more sensitive, clear and crispy. It really feels like old Selmer.

Technical data

Scale length: 670mm
Body size: 410 mm at lower bout
Top: Solid European spruce,
Back & sides: Hand laminated brazilian rosewood.
Neck: threee piece European walnut with original headstock joint
Neck dimensions: 45mm at the 0-fret, 57mm at the 14 th fret OR 48 - 60 on short scale D-hole guitars
Fingerboard: Ebony without MOP-dots
Tuners: Selmer-style AJL-tuners
Truss-rod: Two-way adjustable
Frets: Dunlop 6105

AJL Case



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