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Boucher Guitars aus Kanada bietet diese 2 wunderschönen Custom Modelle an.

Das Dreadnought Modell habe ich bereits für die NAG bestellt!


LE - SG 131 OM - Walnuss


LE - SG 132 Dreadnought - Walnuss

Mitte Januar 2020 werden 2 Preston Thompson Gitarren eintreffen!


D-SMA Custom - Sinker Mahagoni und Bearclaw Adirondack Top, Waverly Relic Tuners,....

D-12 SMA Custom - Sinker Mahagoni, Slotted Headstock, 12 Bund

Preis: Je 6490 €

Bei Northfield gibt es leichte Preiserhöhungen im nächsten Jahr 2020!

In stock:

F5 S sunburst

Artist 2 bar

Archtop Oktav Mandoline in natural finish - maple


Folgende Modelle werden teurer:

F5 S Mandoline (3590 €)

F2 S Mandoline (3590 €)

Archtop Oktav Mandoline ATO 01 (5190 €) und ATO 02 (5490 €)

Big Mon F Mandoline (5490 €)

 Exciting News - Aufregende Neuigkeiten - Registrierung ab sofort!!

Mike Marshall (USA)


The New Acoustic Gallery Present


“The Music of David Grisman”

January 18th 2020


Also: Mike Marshall & Friends Concert January 17th 2020

(Bürgerbahnhof Vohwinkel/Wuppertal - Bahnstraße 16, 42327 Wuppertal - https://buergerbahnhof.com/ )


All instruments welcome!

Mandolinist, guitarist, violinist Mike Marshall has intimate knowledge of the music of David Grisman having been a member of the original groundbreaking quintet with Tony Rice, Darol Anger, Todd Phillips, Rob Wasserman and Mark O’Connor.


The workshop will be geared towards ensemble playing and jamming on some great Dawg tunes.

Music (and TAB) will be sent ahead for all attendees.

All instruments welcome.


Selection of Songs:





Dawg's Bull

Cedar Hill

Typsy Gypsy

Opus 57

 Happy Birthday Bill Monroe

Fanny Hill


Ensembles will be created based on instrumentation and musical levels.

Masterclasses will also include some music theory, chord shapes and improvisational concepts.

Come explore David’s unique musical style, improvisational ideas, ensemble arrangements and antidotes about touring and recording in the original DGQ with one of David’s original members, Mike Marshall.


Oliver Waitze - NAG

Tel.: 0202/94672730

Email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


WOW! Endlich eingetroffen!

Die lang erwartete Anniversary CD von String Masters Mike Marshall & Darol Anger!

Einfach genussvoll!



The legendary Duo of Mike Marshall and Darol Anger celebrates their 41st anniversary of driving their musical backhoe through the great string traditions of the world. The Duo's persistent creativity and musical chemistry has inspired generations of string musicians all over the world during their decades of international touring.
They have released 8 influential and well-loved recordings over their history, beginning during their tenure with the David Grisman Quintet and proceeding through their years with Windham Hill, Compass, and their own label, Adventure.
Their rare concerts are always special occasions and always fresh, featuring virtuosic, humorous, and emotional improvisation in their own self-created musical language.

This newest limited-edition release, entitled Da Capo, commemorates this 41st anniversary of Mike and Darol’s musical brotherhood and is their 8th official recording, gathering up duet versions of previous ensemble originals and some brand-new compositions created to commemorate the occasion.

Folgende tolle Instrumente sind in den letzten Tagen  in der NAG eingetroffen.

Diese werden in den nächsten Tagen im Shop veröffentlicht!


Johann Brentrup (USA) MF23 V F Mandoline (2002)

Gibson A 40 - A-Style Mandoline - gebraucht

Michael Kelly Oktav Mandoline - gebraucht

Eastman MD 404 BK A Mandoline

Eastman MD 414 BK F Mandoline

Eastman MD 314 oval hole Mandoline

Eastman MD 304 oval hole, A-Style Mandoline

Martin OO18 Vintage Gitarre - gebraucht

Martin Gitarre Modell Eric Clapton - gebraucht



Thompson Guitar 12 fret Dreadnought; NAG Shop; NAG Shop; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Mike & Oliver jamming in the shop!

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