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Three outstanding Boucher (CAN) Guitars arrived!

HG-26 M


HG-56 BM


Because of the dangerous COVID-19 situation we decided to cancel the Mandolin Workshop with Jesper Rübner-Petersen in November 2020.

We try to find a new date as soon as  possible!







This Northfield A5 Special is already sold!

This Mandolin has an amazing powerful tone with singing highs!

The next one is expected in autumn 2020!

I am extremly delighted to offer you these extremly fine handmade guitars by M.J. Franks (USA)!

Available: Custom Legacy Dreadnought Ziricote with Bearclaw Adirondack Top!

Coming in fall: Legacy D 18 with Cuban Mahagony


Maestro Guitars from Singapur!

These Guitars have a great cost/performance ratio!

Highly recommended to check these out!

Attention: High fun factor!

Little price increases from Northfield for 2020!


New prices:

F5 S Mandolin (3690 €)

F2 S Mandolin (3690 €)

Archtop Oktav Mandolin ATO 01 (5190 €) and ATO 02 (5490 €)

Big Mon F Mandolin (5290 €)

A5 Special Mandolin: 3890 €



Thompson Guitar 12 fret Dreadnought; NAG Shop; NAG Shop; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Mike & Oliver jamming in the shop!

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