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Scott Cao Cello - Antik Design - verkauft!

Artikelnummer: Cello_CAO_001

Scott Cao  - Kopien alter Meister


Spielfertig! Sehr schön gemachtes Cello für den ambitionierten Einsteiger.....

Klarer, trockener und lauter Ton!


Mehr Info über Scott Cao: http://www.scottcaoviolins.com/


Scott Cao Violins is one of the best resources for strings instruments in the world. Over the past 15 years, players of all skill levels have relied on our family of instruments for their special needs. From soloists, professional players to students as well as collectors have all adored and loved our stringed instruments. Established in 1989, Scott Cao Violins have produced numerous international awards and gain tremendous recognitions. Our instruments have been noted for their unsurpassed quality, exceptional tonality and outstanding workmanships.

Top level instruments made by master maker Scott Shu-Kun Cao are in the possession of famous soloists, concertmasters, orchestra players and collectors. Instruments made in our California workshop are featured in some of the world’s leading violin shops. Our factory instruments are distributed by world renowned string instrument companies like GEWA of Germany, Heer of Switzerland, Kanji Shirakawa of Japan and Sebim of France. Over the years, our instruments have been highly recommended by players throughout the world. Praise from teachers, students, musicians and professional players alike are a testament to Scott’s significant contribution to the musical world. And here at Scott Cao Violins, we are committed to continuing researching, learning and mastering the art of stringed instrument making. We will continue producing the best stringed instruments for the world to enjoy.



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