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BRAZILIAN MANDOLIN by Carlos Almada & Flavio Henrique Medeiros

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The mandolin was brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries, and eventually worked its way into traditional Brazilian music. The principal aim of this book is to present an overview of the several faces of the mandolin in Brazil. In this book's eighteen progressively arranged character studies, the mandolin student will find, besides a great number of aspects of the idiomatic technique of the instrument (i.e., changes of fingering positions, double stops, tremolos, arpeggios, legatos, chords, etc.), no less than fourteen different styles. All of the pieces are presented first in notation only as mandolin/guitar duets, followed by the mandolin part repeated with tablature.


Afoxé       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Baião       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Choro       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Choro #2       Carlos Almada
Coco       Carlos Almada
Coco #2       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Frevo       Carlos Almada
Frevo #2       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Guarania       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Lundu       Carlos Almada
Maracatu       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Marcha-rancho       Carlos Amada
Maxixe       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Maxixe #2       Carlos Almada
Modinha       Carlos Amada
Polca       Carlos Almada
Samba       Flavio Henrique Medeiros
Valsinha       Carlos Almada


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