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Playing the Sansula by Mark Holdaway

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The first book available to help you play the magical Sansula! This book takes many different approaches to teach you about music with the help of the Sansula. 96 pages, CD included.

This new innovative book takes several different approaches:

guided improvisations - like guided meditations, but you play music with them.
chords - the building blocks of songs and melodies.
chord progressions - including backing tracks to help you improvise on your Sansula.
Sansula tablature - helps you learn precise phrases or songs, but this section also teaches you general methods to help you create your own music.
other tunings - we provide some tablature and chord dictionaries for the standard tuning and three alternative tunings, including Beautiful A, Heavenly E, and Morocco E.
other resources - we provide links to more Sansula information.

This book represents a reinvention of the word "book" on the Kalimba Magic book shelf. A truly beautiful production.


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