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La Canada - La Catedral 74

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Das Granadillo vom Boden und Zargen hat immer eine individuelle Maserung und Farbgebung! Unter den Fotos sehen Sie 2 verschiedene Varianten der Rückansicht!

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Gitarrenbauer Edmund Blöchinger und Experten für Tonholz Wolfgang Jellinghaus entstehen auf Basis der detaillierten Baupläne Blöchingers in einer kleiner Manufaktur in China handgebaute Instrumente. Diese La Canada Modelle sind sehr gut verarbeitet und sind erstaunlich lebhaft und leicht in der Tonansprache!

Decke Zeder massiv
Boden / Zargen Granadillo massiv
Griffbrett Ebenholz
Hals Cedro
Breite am Sattel 51 mm
Mensur 650 mm
Oberfläche Schellack – Politur
Steg Ziricote massiv
Kopfplatte Ziricote massiv
Mechanik De Jonge
Herkunft China
Zubehör Koffer
Saiten Pepe Romero „PEPE SR“


The "La Cañada" series of guitars is a collaborative effort between world-renowned master luthier Edmund Blochinger and his friend Wolfgang Jellinghaus of "Milestones" guitars - which is known for its variety of period-style replica guitars of iconic makers from the 18th and 19th centuries. For the "La Cañada" series, Blochinger has studied, measured and evaluated several original instruments of Antonio de Torres and Miguel Rodriguez over the years and felt it was a great opportunity to take several of his favorite plans to Jellinghaus for the purpose of creating a line of high-quality, but affordable instruments based on these iconic masterpieces of the past. The lineup currently includes two Antonio de Torres and one Miguel Rodriguez model. The first of the two Torres models is based on a first-epoch Torres (FE 17 – ex Tarrega) and the other on a second epoch Torres from 1888 (SE 115 – ex Pujol). The plantillas and structural details are considerably different from one another and offer two distinct experiences of playing a contemporary guitar built in two of the great classic, vintage styles. The Rodriguez model is based on Celedonio Romero's 1974 Churchdoor guitar, also known as "La Catedral" which is now in the possession of Pepe Romero. Hand-built to Blochinger’s specifications in Jellinghaus’ small facility in China, these are small-production, concert-level instruments made with select and beautiful materials and French polished finish. Additionally, the Torres models are offered with either an "antiqued" look or "new" look. At this price point these are a great value for the serious student or concert player on a limited budget.


The "Catedral 74" model is based largely on the iconic 1974 Miguel Rodriguez "Churchdoor" owned by Celedonio Romero and now Pepe Romero, which Edmund Blochinger has been able to inspect in detail over the years. The essential elements of the original instrument have found their way into this model in the La Cañada series including a big deep bottom-end with thick, robust trebles. Most importantly however is the immediacy of the sound - it has instant attack making it a very nimble and agile guitar under fast fingers. As outstanding the tone is for playing classical music, it would be equally at home if played as a lively flamenco negra, or for that matter - virtually any style of music from the baroque to Brazilian jazz. This is simply a great all-purpose concert guitar in every regard.


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