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Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music for Mandolin - Dan Gelo

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A fun-to-play collection of 62 favorite fiddle and Irish tunes arranged in notation and tablature for mandolin solo. Ideal music for intermediate level technical study in sight reading. The audio is in split-track format, thus allowing the mandolin student to play along with the mandolin solo, lively guitar accompaniment, or both. Due to time constraints, the audio contains only 18 songs from the book. Access to audio available online.


Boston Boy (Not On The Cd)
Boys Of Blue Hill (Not On Cd)
Brian Boru's March
Bumper Squire Jones (Not On Cd)
Byrne's Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
College Groves
College Hornpipe
Collier's Reel (Not On Cd)
Cowboy Waltz (Not On Cd)
Drowsy Maggie
Dusty Miller (Not On Cd)
Forked Deer (Not On Cd)
Fox Hunter's Jig (Not On Cd)
Green Crow The Rushes-O (Not On Cd)
Greenfields Of America
Hardiman The Fiddler
Harvest Home
Hop High Ladies (Not On Cd)
Jaybird (Not On Cd)
Jockey To The Fair
Ladies On The Steamboat (Not On Cd)
Lark In The Morning (Not On Cd)
Limerock (Not On Cd)
March Of The King Of Leix
Moloney's Wife (Not On Cd)
Mullingar Races (Not On Cd)
Nancy (Not On Cd)
O'donnell's Hornpipe
Off She Goes (Not On Cd)
Old Mother Flanagan (Not On Cd)
Over The Waterfall (Not On Cd)
Pigtown Fling (Not On Cd)
Rabbit In The Pea Patch (Not On Cd)
Rosin The Beau
Spotted Pony (Not On Cd)
St. Anne's Reel (Not On Cd)
Stirling Castle
Texas Gales (Not On Cd)
Texas Quickstep (Not On Cd)
The Banks Of Red Roses (Not On Cd)
The Blackthorn Stick (Not On Cd)
The Fisherman's Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
The Handsome Cabin Boy (Not On Cd)
The Huntsman's Hornpipe (Not On Cd)
The Mooncoin Jig (Not On Cd)
The Mooncoin Reel (Not On Cd)
The Newlywed's Reel (Not On Cd)
The Rambling Pitchfork
The Skye Boat Song
The Star Of County Down (Not On Cd)
The Trip To Durrow (Not On Cd)
Thompson's Jig
Thompson's Reel (Not On Cd)
Timour The Tartar
Tobin's Jig (Not On Cd)
Tom Billy's Jig
Too Young To Marry (Not On Cd)
Toss The Feathers #1 (Not On Cd)
Toss The Feathers #2 (Not On Cd)
Un Homme Marie (Not On Cd)
Weavin' Way (Not On Cd)


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