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David Leiva: Método de Guitarra Flamenca desde el compás Vol. 1 (incl. CD)

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Music and TAB/música y cifra

The Flamenco guitar method from the compas Phase 1 is a pedagogic work of initiation that leads the guitarist to learn the toque flamenco from the compass. For teachers, pupils, fans and musicians in general.

The progressive approach of this method leads the pupil to start with an autodidactic form, and the teachers, to have in their hands a new and modern guide for the educational practice. The method is classified under two principal blocks that will be the styles of Rumba and Bulerías, realizing all the typical technologies of the toque Flamenco. Later on, we’ll find works and fasletas, including new styles such as: Tangos, Tientos, Farruca, Colombiana, Soleá, Soleá for bulerías, Alegrías, Sevillanas, Siguiriya and Guajira.

Moreover, it treats other aspects as musical language, harmony, explanation of the parts of the guitar, like changing the ropes, positioning of the body, advices about how to have good nails and 14 advices of study.

This method also will treat the accompaniment to sing. The great flamenco singer Juan Pinilla collaborated " Premio Lámpara Minera 2007 in the Festival of la Minas de la Unión”.

The CD contains all the exercises, falsetas, works and accompaniment and sing in traditional audio and in mp3 to have a musical reference.

Inside the same CD we will find also didactic videos showing how the different technologies there are realized, also rhythmic bases of all the styles treated to practise, pdf and material extra.


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