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Schertler Stat-Macc Transducer für Gypsy Gitarren

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Stat-Macc is an acoustic transducer especially designed for application on Maccaferri-Selmer guitars. The concept-design is based on the Lydia technology, Schertler best acoustic transducer for guitar.

The Stat-Macc is engineered with an high quality electrostatic microphone inside the transducer, all construction materials (cork and cotton fiber) are selected for reach the more natural sound with the purpose of reproducing the sound of the Maccaferri-Selmer guitar with an high fidelity.

The transducer is fixed between the soundboard and the bridge, only the mechanical vibrations on the instrument are captured by the Stat-Macc. The transducer is completely isolated from all other acoustic sources, with the benefit of been high resistant to the feedback.

Stat-Macc is easy to install, anytime it can be applied and removed fast without the danger of damaging any parts of the guitar. Stat-Macc is supplied with an high quality class-A preamp.


ideal for Selmer/Maccaferri guitars

  1. easily moved from instr. to instr.

  2. extremely natural tone

  3. accurate sound reproduction

  4. no piezo harshness or distortion


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