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Ein besonderer Moment für mich und die NAG!

10 jähriges Jubiläumskonzert der NAG am 26.10.2013 mit

Mike Marshall & Darol Anger - The Duo



Cedar Hill


The Duo invites Oliver Waitze to jam along......



Oliver Waitze - NAG Owner


New Acoustic Gallery präsentiert:

Carlo Aonzo Trio (IT)


 20 Uhr - 15 € - Bürgerbahnhof Vohwinkel




Carlo Aonzo: mandolin
Lorenzo Piccone: guitar & vocals
Luciano Puppo: double bass


A musical journey from the Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...

The trio offers a voyage through European and American music, revisiting songs chosen from among the international evergreens. The music, which can be offered in different combinations, encompasses a variety of musical genres, from bluegrass to folk dances, from soundtracks to jazz and Brazilian music, from Italian melody to a review of the classical repertoire. A "Mandolin journey" to discover, in the company of this amazing instrument, the common roots of music.

More Info: www.carloaonzo.com



Workshop mit Carlo Aonzo am Samstag den 09.05.2015 in der NAG!



Es geht in dem WS über diverse Spieltechniken, Improvisation.....


Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...




Legendäres Gibson Granada 5-String Banjo (2000)! Hervorragender Klang!


4290 € inkl. Koffer


Nach langer Wartezeit endlich eingetroffen:

Das Tenbrooks Legacy Custom Banjo!

Ein Traumbanjo!!!

Made of mahogany, the Legacy delivers a sweet, warm sound with an uninhibited musicality that effortlessly reaches the audience with a pure and balanced tone, amazingly pleasing to the ear and heralding a whole new musical realm for the world of banjo.The Legacy has a classical Art Deco feel to the inlay pattern, another Greg Deering original design.

The Legacy is a wonderful professional level banjo that is a racehorse for the performing musician and dedicated banjo enthusiast, an effortless and instantly versatile tool for boundless musical creativity. The comfortable neck is made for precise playing, and it features glued in frets for easy re-fretting for the artist who plays a lot.

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