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Die neue Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele eingetroffen!





Discover More About the New Goodtime Banjo Ukulele

True Concert Ukulele Scale

Familiar 15” Scale Length

Made in U.S.A.

In San Diego, California

11" Violin Grade Maple Rim

For a fuller, rounder sound

Renaissance Head

Sounds as luxurious as it looks

Aquila® Nylgut Strings

Because only the best will do

Extended Fingerboard

Access the upper frets

Patented Bridge Plate

Increase sustain and tame unwanted bass frequencies

Sealed Geared Tuners

Long lasting, precision tuning every time




Es stehen ab sofort für diverse Mandolinen, MP3 Sound Clips zur Verfügung.



Sound Clips by Oliver Waitze - Recorded without any Reverb or Effects!




Eastman MD 515

H. Graefe Bandolim Sound Clip

 Eastman Mandocello MDC 805 Sound Clip 1  -  Sound Clip 2

Gibson F 2 (1917) Mandolin Sound Clip

Eastman MD 315 Mandolin Sound Clip

Prucha F 5 T Custom Mandoline Sound Clip


Gibson A (1917)

Northfield NF-5 S

Northfield Master Modell - Master 1 - Master 2

Lawrence Smart F 5 Mandolin

Ellis A Style DLX - Ellis Impro 1 - Ellis Impro 2

Weber Gallatin Oktav Mandolin

Weber Bitterroot Mandocello - MC 1 - MC 2 - MC 3

Gibson Lloyd Loar 1924 - El Morenito



Ein besonderer Moment für mich und die NAG!

10 jähriges Jubiläumskonzert der NAG am 26.10.2013 mit

Mike Marshall & Darol Anger - The Duo



Cedar Hill


The Duo invites Oliver Waitze to jam along......



Oliver Waitze - NAG Owner


New Acoustic Gallery präsentiert:

Carlo Aonzo Trio (IT)


 20 Uhr - 15 € - Bürgerbahnhof Vohwinkel




Carlo Aonzo: mandolin
Lorenzo Piccone: guitar & vocals
Luciano Puppo: double bass


A musical journey from the Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...

The trio offers a voyage through European and American music, revisiting songs chosen from among the international evergreens. The music, which can be offered in different combinations, encompasses a variety of musical genres, from bluegrass to folk dances, from soundtracks to jazz and Brazilian music, from Italian melody to a review of the classical repertoire. A "Mandolin journey" to discover, in the company of this amazing instrument, the common roots of music.

More Info: www.carloaonzo.com



Workshop mit Carlo Aonzo am Samstag den 09.05.2015 in der NAG!



Es geht in dem WS über diverse Spieltechniken, Improvisation.....


Italian tradition to jazz, from classical music to bluegrass: from Europe to America and back...




Legendäres Gibson Granada 5-String Banjo (2000)! Hervorragender Klang!


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