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Prucha (CZ)

This is what J. Prucha says: The F5T is our other entry level mandolin with our signature quality design. It has been designed, as all our models, after the style of the Lloyd Loar mandolin, giving our favorite old master the respect he is due. As in every PRUCHA mandolin back, we have used only a hard curly maple derived either from the Balkans or America.. Our wood is hand selected with the goal of a superior product in mind. With the satin finish, the F5T gives the appearance of being an instrument for the professional musician at a price within reach of the festival player.

Prucha mandolins

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Hervorragende F Mandoline von Jaroslav Prucha! Mit Sound Clip von Oliver Waitze


Thompson Guitar 12 fret Dreadnought; NAG Shop; NAG Shop; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Oliver Waitze & Mike Marshall; Mike & Oliver jamming in the shop!

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