John Jorgenson: Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar (incl. CD & DVD)

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2-Hour DVD and Audio CD included!

In this first of three volumes of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's new Gypsy Jazz Guitar instructional series, "Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar," Jorgenson provides the foundational information and practice material necessary for you to gain an understanding of the Gypsy jazz guitar style. The first half of this volume addresses the important element of Gypsy jazz rhythm. The second half of this first volume addresses soloing. Each volume of this three-part series includes a 2-hour instructional DVD, an audio CD with practice audio tracks, and a full format book which presents all of the theoretical information, chord charts, fret board diagrams, music notation, and tablature for the material presented on the DVD.


1-4-5 Blues Progression
A Minor Pattern
Adding C#dim7
Adding the A and E& chords
Adding the Daug
Adding the G9
An Interview with John Jorgenson
Audio CD Contents/Forward
Basic Strum Patters
C Major Note Map
C Minor 6
Changing the C7 to C6
Chromatic Pattern 1
Chromatic Pattern 2
Chromatic Pattern 3
Chromatic Scale
Chromatic Scale moving up the neck
D augmented Arpeggio
D Major
D Major Pattern 1
D Major Pattern 2
D Major Pattern 3
Downstroke Exercise
DVD Contents
F Major
F Major Pattern 1
F Major Pattern 2
G Major
G Major Arpeggio
G Major Pattern 1
G Major Pattern 10
G Major Pattern 2
G Major Pattern 3
G Major Pattern 4
G Major Pattern 5
G Major Pattern 6
G Major Pattern 7
G Major Pattern 8
G Major Pattern 9
G Minor
G Minor 6
G Minor 6 Pattern 1
G Minor 6 Pattern 2
G Minor 6 Pattern 3
G Minor Pattern
Gypsy Jazz Rhythm Details
In-between Notes
Lead Playing
Minor Blues Progression
Minor Blues with 3-Note Chords
Open Strings, Unison, & Dissonance
Rhythm Example #1
Rhythm Example #2
Rocking the bass on C7 & D7
Simple Minor Blues Progression

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