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Handcrafted in France since 1977,
Dugain picks feature a scalloped thumb indent and index finger channel that render them very comfortable to hold and virtually undroppable.

They are about 3mm thick and therefore very rigid.

The range of 30 natural plectrum materials includes horn, bone, agate, coconut.shell, ebony and bronze. . Each material has its own individual tone and feel, and can lend character to a particular style of playing or instrument type.


I supply them in two sizes. . Personal preference may depend on hand-size, but as a general guide Standard picks may be more suited to rhythm-oriented acoustic, jazz and blues, rock and metal styles and can really fatten up a bass, whilst the Mini picks lend themselves well to intricate electric and acoustic jazz, classical and mandolin playing.

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Dugain - Cocos Pick

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 14,90 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 2,38 €

Dugain - horn

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 14,90 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 2,38 €

Dugain - Knochen

Brutto-Verkaufspreis: 14,90 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 2,38 €
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