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Krüger Brothers & Kontras Quartet CD - Lucid Dreamer

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Die neue Krüger Brothers CD!!!

Lucid Dreamer is a musical interpretation of experiencing a waking state of reverie. The music is a delicate idea that gathers strength and takes flight, releasing the listener from the surly bonds of earth as it soars, dips and glides like a flock of birds.

"I think the new concerto is more musically complex, than anything I've ever written, said Jens Kruger about the piece that took more than a year to write. "I don't think it's less accessible, but it has a lot more complex parts."

Lucid Dreamer was a commission by the Kontras Quartet made possible by Chamber Music America Classical Commissioning Program, with general funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Chamber Music America Endowment Fund.

Lucid Dreamer was composed for banjo, guitar and bass with string quartet, resulting in a thirty-three minute work with seven movements.

In the relativity of life, Jens said, "My dreams were just as important in my memory as actual events." In his dreams, he said, "I see endless beauty overshadowing the immediate. All my dreams have been filled with sounds and music."

"It seems to me that all life is unfolding like a dream, swirling like dance in flight. For all things that have a beginning, I assume they must also have an end. I have a strong sense that dreams don't need a beginning."


The Three Gates of Kings Mountain:

1 The Gate of Memory 3:44
2 The Gate of Song 2:04
3 The Gate of Dance 7:49
4 Covenant of the Muses 6:08
5 Ai Sight 2:50
6 Margarete 5:36
7 Council of the Migrant Jesters 5:14

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